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Custom Muay Thai Boxing Shorts : KNSCUST-1143

Custom Muay Thai Boxing Shorts : KNSCUST-1143
69.99 AUD
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Customized Muay Thai Boxing shorts by premium Thai boxing shorts factory from Thailand. Now you can add your names or team names onto the shorts upto 3 positions as shown.

These are high quality Thai shorts made of 100% premium grade Satin fabric in authentic Muay Thai shorts style that will allow all Muay Thai moves for your Muay Thai training and fighting.

The shorts have elastic waist with drawstring inside to adjust the fitting.

Authetic style Muay Thai Shorts. Brand new.

Size (your waist circumference): S (66 cm), M (71 cm), L (76 cm), XL (81 cm), XXL (86-93 cm)

Text Position 1 : Text you need to put at position 1

Text Position 2 : Text you need to put at position 2

Text Position 3 : Text you need to put at position 3

Ex. Text Position 1 - Joe (in Thai)

We can custom the shorts in most alphabets in the world: Latin, Thai, Chinese, Japanese. And we can translate your wording into Thai language.

Please clearly specify upper- and lower-case of text position for example : MUAYTHAI or Muaythai or muaythai.

Personalized Muay Thai Shorts, Text's positions sample:



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