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Muay Thai Ring

Custom Muay Thai Ring

We offer you high quaility Muay Thai Boxing Ring for your own gym or Muay Thai training camp or school or your next boxing event right here. Right here at we supply professional Muay Thai Rings installed at your gym to create a great image for your business. Our quality is guaranteed by many Muay Thai gyms in Thailand.

- All Thai Boxing Rings are made in THAILAND under international standard. 

- Size can be specificed 4x4 m, 5x5 m, 6x6 m, 7x7 m or 7.6x7.6 m or any custom size you that you want for your space.

- The Boxing ring stage can be elevated at 0.5 meter, 1 meter or any level above the ground. 

- Muay thai Boxing Ring can be customized. Your own design, logo, gym logo or brand can be added. Perfect for Muay Thai training school, boxing gym or special events.

- Easy installation. All our products are knockdown Muay Thai Boxing ring which can be installed and reinstalled when ever you want.


Our Muay Thai Boxing Rings have been developped to fix problems that are ususally found over the time. These are some features we added:

  • Stronger and more Durable flooring.
  • Straight 6 inch thick pillars with strong meterial of each corners that will prevent the corners from bending inwards.
  • 32 mm thick rope that won't twist.
  • Each rope comes in one single line that will strain perfectly and securely around the muay thai ring.
  • The ring can be disassemble and easy to move.
  • Export Thailand quality with high quality meterial.

The boxing ring can be personalized to any specification needed such as Olypics quality or Muay Thai ring quality for Muay Thai Fights in Thailand

The Muay Thai ring will be made-to-order by our profesional craftmen in about 2 weeks before shipping from Thailand.

Please contact us the size and design of Muay Thai ring you need for special Quote.


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