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Custom Muay Thai Ring Rope Cover 6 m.

Custom Muay Thai Ring Rope Cover 6 m.
799.00 AUD
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Custom Muay Thai ring / Boxing ring's ropes covering for your boxing ring. Custom options for you to choose colors, add names and logo of your gym, team or sponsors.

- High quality PU leather Muay Thai ring rope covers. Durable than PVC grade.

- Thailand's Export quality! Trusted by experts!

- This ring rope coverings set contains 16 ring ropes covering (you can mix colors and designs)

- Made-in-Thailand

- Colors : Red, Blue, Black. White, Lemon, Skyblue, Orange, Yellow, Grey, Gold

- You can choose upto 2 colors for each rope. For example, red-blue

- Circumference 14.5 cm

- Shipping fee is not yet included in this price shown. Please contact us before buying.


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